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Types Of Premisis


Health and Safety has been at the forefront in education for many years now as the safety of children is the main and first concern. The regular checking of the electrical appliances should be a fundamental part of any School, College or University safety policy.

Most Schools, Colleges and Uni’s have a large number of electrical appliances, and keeping on top of the electrical testing can be a headache for any onsite member of staff trying to tackle this task. As well as having hundreds, if not thousands of appliances to get through, we understand that it can be very hard finding a member of staff that is willing to give up their summer and end of term breaks to work through this.

At Barclay Electrical we find that the most efficient and time effective period to carry out the testing is obviously out of term time when there is a free run without distracting any lessons or studies. We have worked in many different sized Schools, Colleges and Uni’s in our years of testing and we strongly believe that we can bring a very a reliable, professional service to your workplace.

Hotels and Leisure

Probably two of the most important sub-sectors to be tested as not only have you got the safety of your company’s staff using electrical equipment to consider, but you also have members of the public's safety to consider, as they are going to be using the appliances on a constant basis.

In hotels you have the members of the public staying and using the various appliances during their stay which is obviously the main danger. If a member of the public was to incur an injury during their stay and it emerged that the hotel hasn’t implied a reasonable frequent program of testing, then the hotel could be in an expensive battle.

If you work in the leisure industry then you can soon find yourself in the same scenario. Whether you work in a restaurant, amusement park, theatre, venues for musical groups or lectures, sporting arenas or gyms then you have the same level of responsibility to ensure your equipments safety.

Home workers

If you are one of the lucky employees that has had your company provide work equipment so you can work in the comfort of your own home, you or your management may not realise that they still have the responsibility to ensure that your work appliances are to the same level of safety of those in the company office.

Whether your ‘Home Office’ is setup in your kitchen, bedroom or even in the garden shed, your management who has supplied the equipment is still liable for the safety and for the maintenance of that equipment.

If on the other hand your company is setup in your own house and you have one or even a few members of staff that come into your house and work alongside you, you still have the same amount of responsibility to ensure the electrical safety of any appliances that they may be intending to use whilst under your payment are at the required working level.

For both of the above examples Barclay Electrical and many others believe that the best and most convenient way of keeping the ‘Home Office’ up to the relevant electrical standards, PAT Testing is the way to go. This means that the company in hand can organise for the testing to take place and can at the end be assured that they have met the required standards and that their staff are using safe and non-hazardous equipment.

At the same time this practice takes the worry and stress of actually performing and travelling around testing their ‘Home Workers’ themselves and at Barclay Electrical we believe we can bring this service to you and your company at the best possible prices whilst keeping the professionalism and quality of work at the same level.


This is one of the most important and potentially dangerous sectors to make sure that your tools and work equipment are tested and comply with Health and Safety standards. This is the case because of the surroundings that the electrical equipment is used in and the hazards that can come from working in them are greater than say an office workers equipment.

In some instances the contractor may not be legally allowed onto the site as their tools don't comply with regulations and the sites insurance needs. The same can happen with a tradesman in the sense that if they haven't had equipment that they use on site tested then they may not qualify for an insurance payout (depending on your insurance agreement) if any injuries or accidents happen because they haven't implemented a regular programme to ensure the electrical safety of the equipment.

Where as office workers appliances and mainly in a nice dry and relatively clean workplace, builders and tradesmen can and do work in all kinds of weather conditions. This can take it's toll on the condition of your electrical equipment when they are used and left in all kinds of conditions. The likeliness of equipment gathering cracks in casing, slits in cables or plugs and becoming unsafe is much greater in these conditions.

Barclay Electrical PAT Testing can advise and work together with this sector and undertake a testing programme to help ensure you are in the know. We can give advice on the frequency of testing needed for your business situation, builder or tradesman.
Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team if you have any queries or for a free no obligation quote.


Anyone who lets residential accommodation (such as houses, flats and bed sits, holiday homes, caravans and boats) as a business activity is required by law to ensure the equipment they supply as part of the tenancy is safe.

As a landlord you may not think that your rented properties need to be PAT Tested. This is the case if you don’t supply any electrical appliances to your tenants but if you do provide them with the usual appliances like washing machines, dishwashers or fridges to say just a few, then you have a duty to prevent harm to them from any provided appliances.

Without a programme of planned appliance testing and maintenance, you could be legally liable for damages resulting from your supplied untested appliances.

The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994, mandatory since 1 January 1997, state that all electrical appliances supplied with let accommodation must be safe. This covers all appliances that are intended to be used by the tenant and includes both new and second hand electrical equipment.

At Barclay Electrical we believe that we can work together with yourself and make sure that we bring your rented accommodations whether 1 or 101 addresses up to date and to comply with these obligations.

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