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Our Health And Safety Policy



At Barclay Electrical we aim to maintain and continuously improve the high standards of health and safety practice set. We regard these high standards as a natural part of good business practice

Our objective is to create a working environment in which accidents will not occur, and in which employees, contractors and the public will not be exposed to safety or health hazards. We will provide the necessary resources and will train employees as appropriate to create the desired working environment

To ensure implementation and assist improvement, we will control health and safety activities against stated standards, with audit programmes to monitor compliance and applicable industry and regulatory requirements.


1.1 Statement of Policy


2.1 Person Responsible for Safety
2.2 Employees


3.1 Risk Assessments, Written Instructions and/or Procedures
3.2 Communication of Health and Safety Matters
3.3 Consultation with Employees
3.4 Training and Competence
3.5 Estimating and Pricing New Contracts
3.6 Fire Prevention and Precautions
3.7 Welfare
3.8 Personal Protective Equipment
3.9 Employment of Young Persons
3.10 Employment of Persons with Disabilities
3.11 Employment of New and Expectant Mothers
3.12 Health Monitoring and Surveillance
3.13 First Aid Provision
3.14 Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences
3.15 Smoking Policy
3.16 Alcohol and Controlled Substances
3.17 Violence Towards Employees
3.18 Lone Workers


4.1 Working on Third-Party Premises
4.2 Hazardous Substances
4.3 Visual Display Units
4.4 Electricity
4.5 Manual Handling
4.6 Slips, Trips and Falls
4.7 Work Equipment
4.8 Working at Height
4.9 Noise


5.1 Driving Business Vehicles
5.2 Vehicle Safety


Barclay Electrical will ,so far as is reasonable and practical to do so, conduct all activities in such a way as to:

Avoid harm to all personnel who may be affected by the companys operations

Seek progressive improvement in health and safety performances

Comply with all applicable legislative requirements

The specific objectives of Barclay Electrical are to:

Prevent all injuries in the workplace

Provide a healthy and safe place to work

Establish and maintain safe and healthy working procedures and practices throughout the business

Provide appropriate training for all employees to ensure their competence to work safely and avoid damage to their health

Develop a high standard of health and safety awareness among all employees

Maintain an effective method of monitoring, identifying and reviewing health and safety performance and introduce improvements where appropriate

Maintain effective systems of consultation on health and safety with all employees

Ensure the provision of competent advice and support to all employees to help them achieve the high standards of performance expected by the business

As and when appropriate work with local authorities, government and other professional bodies to promote progressive improvements to health and safety through the development of appropriate standards, codes of practice and legislation

To implement these objectives Barclay Electrical seeks to:

Firmly establish health and safety as a primary importance in relation to other business considerations

Integrate systems for managing health an safety into the overall management system so that good health and safety practice is considered part of our normal business process

Establish and maintain high standards for health and safety which meets those applicable to the industry and adhere to relevant legislation within all areas of the business

Provide effective systems to communicate the requirements of the Policy and to ensure appropriate training of all personnel working for the business

Monitor the performance of the business against the Policy and improve health and safety systems and standards where it is reasonably practicable and appropriate to do so

Encourage the involvement of all employees in developing and improving health and safety within the business

This Policy forms an integral part of Barclay Electrical's business strategy and the full support and commitment of all employees is considered vital to its successful implementation.



Barclay Electrical is responsible for the implementation of the Health and Safety Policy throughout the business. Barclay Electrical will ensure that:

Appropriate resources are allocated to meet the requirements of the Policy and that specific responsibilities and appropriate authorities for health and safety are properly defined and delegated

Facilities, associated tools, equipment and materials used by their employees are selected, operated and maintained, so as to minimize the risk to health and safety

Procedures are established and implemented to provide those working with the necessary information, instruction and training to enable them to carry out their work in a safe manner and without detriment to their health and safety

Effective procedures are established to manage any foreseeable emergency situations

Plans and programmes for the promotion of health and safety are developed and implemented

The necessary controls are put in place to monitor and maintain standards of health and safety (i.e. records and audits) at a level consistent with this policy

Suitable arrangements are established to enable consultation with employees on health and safety matters

The effectiveness of the policy is regularly reviewed and is revised as and when necessary


All employees have legal duties under health and safety legislation while at work to ensure the health and safety of themselves and others that may be affected by their acts or omissions.

In recognition of the legal duties imposed upon them, employees shall:

Co-operate with Barclay Electrical to enable them to comply with their legal duties

Not intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided by Barclay Electrical in the interests of health and safety

Comply with the requirements of the health and safety policy and actively promote a positive health and safety culture throughout the business

Make themselves aware of first aid and emergency procedures

Only undertake work for which they have been trained and are competent to do

Use and maintain in a serviceable condition all equipment and tools in accordance with the training provided

Ensure that all accidents and incidents, including near misses, are reported to a responsible person when working on third party premises

Ensure that all accidents are recorded in the accident book

Not undertake an activity until a suitable and sufficient assessment has been conducted by a competent person and the results communicated to them and others who may be affected by the activity

Raise all matters of concern relating to health and safety as they arise with Barclay Electrical and responsible person when working on third-party premises

Use and maintain in accordance with instructions and training given, and report the loss or defect of all personal protective equipment



An integral component of the successful management of health and safety is the identification of potential hazards and the control of risks that they might represent. Barclay Electrical will ensure that:

All potential work activity hazards are identified and an assessment of risk undertaken detailing the control measure required

Written instructions and/or procedures detailing safe systems of work are produced based on the findings of the risk assessments

Risk assessments, instructions and/or procedures are communicated to those who are involved with and/or may be affected by the work activity being undertaken

Risk assessments are reviewed when it is suspected that they are no longer valid or there has been a significant change in the activity or environment to which the assessment relates

The client will be requested to provide Barclay Electrical and/or those visiting his premises with information about any unusual hazards which are specifically related to their workplace and which lie outside the company' competence


Health and safety information, where it relates to the activities of the business will be communicated to all employees as it becomes available by the quickest possible means.

Concerns over the standards of health and safety or issues relating to health and safety are to be brought immediately to the attention of Barclay Electrical

Health and safety information that may be pertinent to other company's will be passed to the Head Office to enable the appropriate action to be taken.


The Health and Safety (Consultation with Employees) Regulations requires the employer to consult with employees on all matters of health and safety in the workplace. Barclay Electrical will ensure that all employees are consulted in good time regarding the introduction of any substantial measures, which can affect health and safety in the workplace, including but not limited to:

The appointing of persons to provide competent health and safety assistance
The appointment of persons to co-ordinate emergency procedures
Planning and organizing of required health and safety training for employees
Any health and safety information Barclay Electrical is required to provide to employees by and/or under any consequences for employees of the introduction of new technologies into the workplace


The training needs of employees will be identified by Barclay Electrical and appropriate training provided to ensure that all employees are qualified and competent to undertake the work they are engaged in.

All new employees will receive induction training as soon as reasonably practicable after joining the business.

Where issued, certificates and records of training, qualifications and competence will be held by Barclay Electrical. Copies of all certificates shall be forwarded to the Head Office at the earliest opportunity.

Training needs will be kept under review to ensure that the requirements of current legislation and risk assessments are met.


To ensure that all aspects of health and safety are considered at the earliest opportunity the following will be carried out by Barclay Electrical:

Consider all relevant health and safety information and requirements contained within or referred to in, the tender documentation

Consider all possible impacts on the contract of current health and safety legislation, Approved Codes of Practice, Industry Standards and ElectrAtest Policy and Procedures

Identify and prioritise either through discussion and/or observation significant hazards that are present on third-party premises

Ensure the allocation of sufficient resources to ensure the effective safety management of all project activities


It is recognised that there is a need for effective and suitable fire prevention measures to combat risks to health and safety of employees and others affected by our activities. To this end we are committed to the principle of fire risk assessment (the effective ongoing evaluation of our premises and other workplaces where our employees may be required to work, to determine fire risks and control measures required to reduce the risk of fire to an acceptable level)

Appropriate fire fighting appliances, training in the use of the equipment and other such measures as required by the relevant legislation will be provided

A blank fire risk assessment form is contained in Section 6 of the Health and Safety Manual


Barclay Electrical will ensure that suitable welfare facilities are available for use by all employees and others visiting the business premises, the following will be provided and maintained:

Suitable and sufficient lavatory and washing facilities

Adequate ventilation to ensure the comfort of employees (where mechanical ventilation or air conditioning is provided, regular cleaning, maintenance and inspection will be carried out)

A reasonable level of temperature (not less than 16 C but whenever practicable will be maintained in the range 19 C - 22. Windows, skylights or glass partitions will not allow excessive temperatures to be reached in the offices during hot weather)

Suitable and sufficient lighting (where reasonably practicable to do so, full use will be made of natural light)

Workstations will be comfortable with safe and suitable chairs and sufficient space#

Where reliance is placed on clients to provide welfare facilities, it shall be agreed at contract stage.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) means all equipment, including accessories, which is intended to be worn or held be a person at work to protect that person against one or more risks to health and safety. Barclay Electrical will provide suitable personal protective equipment to all employees where risk assessment has shown a significant risk to their health and safety while at work.

PPE will be provided in the circumstances where exposure to hazards cannot be controlled by other means or to supplement existing control measures identified by a risk assessment.

Information, instruction and training will be given to all employees on the proper fitting and safe use of the PPE

Employees will, in accordance with instructions given, make full use of all PPE provided and maintain it in a serviceable condition and report its loss or defect immediately


Risk assessments will be carried out on any work activity involving young persons (defined in Regulations as someone under 18 years of age) before they start work in accordance with current legislation. The young person risk assessment carried out by Barclay Electrical will follow the same procedure as that for other risk assessments as described in this safety policy, but will specifically take account of:

The young person's lack of experience, lack of perception of danger and immaturity
Their workplace and workstation
Any exposure to physical and/or biological hazards
Any work equipment used
The work activities and processes to be undertaken


Barclay Electrical will ensure that risk assessments of the activities undertaken by the business take into account the needs of employees with disabilities.

Employees are to ensure that Barclay Electrical is made aware of any form of disablement that is likely to affect their ability to undertake the work they are assigned.

Where appropriate, employees with disabilities will be monitored at regular intervals (e.g. by routine medical examination) to ensure their suitability for the work on which they are employed.


Barclay Electrical will ensure that risk assessments of the activities undertaken take into account the needs of new or expectant mothers. The assessment will ensure that adequate steps are taken to avoid the risk to new or expectant mothers arising from:

Their workplace and workstation
Any exposure to physical, chemical and/or biological hazards
Any work equipment used
The work activities and processes to be undertaken

Where the risk cannot be reduced to an acceptable level then the working hours may be temporarily adjusted or suitable alternative work will be offered.


The need for health surveillance will be identified by risk assessment and by reviewing applicable health and safety legislation.

Employees are to declare any aspect relating to their health that may put them at risk while undertaking the work for which they are employed or that may be affected by the environment in which it is to be undertaken.


Barclay Electrical will provide, or arrange to be provided, the equipment and facilities, which are adequate and appropriate for rendering of First Aid to employees. Additionally, a sufficient number of suitably trained and qualified first aiders will be appointed taking into account the specific risks that employee's may encounter whilst in work.

Employees will be informed of the arrangements concerning first aid, including the location of the equipment, facilities and personnel.

Where reliance is made on the client to provide first aid, it will be discussed during contract negotiations.


In the event of a dangerous occurrence, major injury, over 3-day injury, or fatality occurring to an employee, Barclay Electrical will ensure that statutory reporting requirements are complied with.

All accidents, diseases, dangerous occurrences and near misses are to be reported to Barclay electrical and where appropriate the client.

All injuries , no matter how trivial, are to be recorded in the Accident Book (GS1309). A copy of the accident report is to be forwarded to the Head Office at the earliest opportunity.

Further information is contained in Section 5 of the Health and Safety Manual (Accident Reporting)


Barclay Electrical has adopted a No Smoking Policy and as such employees and sub contractors who undertake work on behalf of Barclay Electrical are not to smoke in the business premises.


Barclay Electrical had adopted a No Alcohol or Controlled Substances Policy. No alcohol or controlled substance (drugs) will be tolerated in any workplace under the control of Barclay Electrical or client.

Drugs supplied by a medical practitioner or chemist may affect an employee's safety performance and Barclay Electrical must be informed of that circumstance.


In the event that employees are faced with aggression or threat of violence, a non-confrontational position is to be adopted.

Where matters of dispute or disagreement giving rise to aggression or threat of violence cannot be resolved locally by peaceful negotiation they are to immediately be referred to Barclay Electrical.


Wherever practicable employees are not to work alone during high-risk activities or in high-risk areas.

Where it is unavoidable, the lone worker will ensure that Barclay Electrical is aware of their whereabouts and the nature of the work being undertaken. The lone worker will make contact with Barclay Electrical at pre-arranged times throughout, and on completion, of the activity.


Notwithstanding the requirement to comply with part three of this document, the following have been identified as significant in terms of office and/or third-party related hazards.


The majority of portable appliance testing will be carried out in third party premises. The client is required by law to ensure that their premises including welfare facilities are safe for their intended use. Furthermore, the client will be expected to inform Barclay Electrical and/or those visiting his premises of any unusual hazards which are specifically related to their workplace and which lie outside Barclay Electricals competence.

Those working in third party premises must adhere to all control measures implemented by those in control of the premises, this may include a requirement to attend a health and safety induction and wear personal protective equipment etc.

Further reference should be made to section three of the health and safety manual. (Risk assessment)


Hazardous substances encompass substances that may pose a hazard to health e.g. solid, liquid, gas, fume, vapour and/or biological.

Hazards exist from small quantities of hazardous substances in the office such as photocopier toners, cleaning chemicals and correction fluids.

Material safety data sheets for such hazardous substances will be obtained from the supplier to enable an assessment of potential exposure to be made and the identification and implementation of suitable precautions to be taken to reduce the risk of harm occurring.

Where possible, hazardous substances will be substituted by another, less harmful substance. Consideration will also be given to the storage and transport of hazardous substances.


All workstations which include a visual display unit (VDU) will be the subject of an ergonomic assessment to identify the measures required to reduce the risk of harm occurring to the users of such workstations.

Employees whose work requires them to operate a VDU for a significant part of their working day will be provided with:

the appropriate information and training relating to the work activity being undertaken
on request from the employee a free eyesight test and spectacles if special ones are needed

VDU users will be encouraged to take short, frequent breaks away from their VDU.

A VDU workstation checklist, which should be completed by all VDU users, is contained within section six of the health and safety manual.


It is the policy of Barclay Electrical that no person working within the business will be allowed to work on or near any live conductor, except where the live conductor is insulated so as to prevent danger.

Barclay Electrical recognizes the need to ensure that all electrical equipment shall be safe at all times. This will be achieved by;

The provision of sufficient socket outlets. The use of adaptors and extension leads is discouraged. Sockets are not to be overloaded.

Ensuring that all electrical appliances and equipment are periodically examined and tested at a frequency in accordance with current legislation and best practice.

Wherever practicable, circuits will be protected by residual current devices (RCD) where mains voltage is to be used. Where fitted they will be tested regularly by operation of the test button.

Switching off and unplugging equipment after use.

Immediately prohibiting the use of and reporting defective equipment, temporary or makeshift repairs are not to be undertaken.

Only authorised and competent persons will be permitted to maintain, modify or repair electrical equipment.


Manual handling means any transporting or supporting of a load including lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving by hand or by bodily force.

Wherever possible, the requirement to conduct manual handling operations will be avoided. If this is not reasonably practicable a competent person will carry out an assessment of the task and reduce the risk to the lowest level that is reasonably practicable. This will include, where possible the provision of information relating to the weight, centre of gravity or the heaviest side of the load.

Where manual handling operations cannot be avoided then mechanical aids are to be utilized, or the load split to reduce the risk of injury, or team lifting and handling techniques will be used.

Where appropriate, employees will be trained in kinetic handling techniques.


Trailing leads are not permitted unless they are fitted with adequate cable protection to reduce the risk of tripping.

Floor coverings will be sound and in a good state of repair. All spillages will be cleared away immediately.

Stairwells and passageways will be adequately lit and kept clear of obstructions.

Offices will be kept tidy at all times and all rubbish will be removed at the end of each day.


Work equipment means any machinery, appliance, apparatus or tool and any assembly of components which, to achieve a common end, are arranged and controlled so they function as a whole.

All those who use work equipment, and those who supervise them, will have available to them adequate health and safety information and, where appropriate written instructions for the safe use of the equipment.

All those who use work equipment, and those who supervise them, will receive adequate training for the purpose of health and safety, including training in the methods, which may be adopted when using the work equipment and any risks that may be generated.

All equipment will be safe for its intended use and free from defects, tested and examined in accordance with statutory requirements and where appropriate accompanied by the relevant certificates.

Where the use of the equipment involves a specific risk to health and safety, the use of the equipment will be restricted to personnel who are trained, competent and authorised in its use.

Only an authorised and competent person is to undertake maintenance, repairs, testing, installations or alterations of any nature to any plant or equipment.

Defective equipment will be taken out of use immediately.

Where required all safety devices and guards will be operable and in use.



Where considered necessary Barclay Electrical will provide employees with a vehicle to allow them to travel to and from locations where they are required to undertake work on behalf of Barclay Electrical and where agreed for their private use.

Employees will at all times comply with the Road Traffic Act, follow the guidance detailed in the Highway Code and drive courteously, in a non-aggressive manner. Employees shall plan their journeys to ensure that sufficient time is allowed for the journey taking into account prevailing weather and road conditions.

Penalties incurred for breaches of the Road Traffic Act and other relevant legislation will be met by the individual employee. Disciplinary action may be taken against employees who frequently or excessively incur penalties for road traffic offences.


Vehicles provided by Barclay Electrical will be in a roadworthy condition, meet all current legislative requirements and fit for their intended use. The vehicles will be insured, taxed, serviced and maintained at no expense to the individual user.

Employees provided with a vehicle will ensure that the vehicle remains in a safe condition and servicing schedules, as recommend by the manufacturer, are adhered to. Defects are to be immediately reported to Barclay Electrical and remedial action taken at the earliest opportunity.


Before carrying out any work at height, including the use of ladders or mobile scaffold towers, a risk assessment of the work undertaken will be carried out. The risk assessment will take into account weather conditions and other aspects of the environment to ensure the safety of personnel at height and identify the measures required to protect persons working at height.

All equipment identified by the risk assessment and provided for working at height will be safe for its intended use, free from defects, tested and examined in accordance with statutory legislation and accompanied by the relevant certificates.

Ladders used by Barclay Electrical or employees will be of the correct type, in good condition and effectively secured to prevent movement.

A competent person will regularly inspect ladders and defective ladders will be taken out of service immediately.


Excessive noise in the workplace presents a risk to all employees and may lead to irreparable hearing damage. Regulations regarding noise at work require that employers make provision to protect their employees from levels of noise that could damage their hearing.

Is unlikely that employees will be exposed to noise above the first or second action level of 85dB(A) and 90dB(A) whilst working in Barclay Electrical business premises. If it is suspected that noise levels exceed the first action level (FAL) of 85dB(A) a noise survey will be undertaken by a competent person and the noise level reduced to as low as is reasonably practical.

Employees working in third-party premises must adhere to all control measures as implemented by the client; this may include a requirement to wearing hearing protection whilst working in noisy areas. Where required Barclay Electrical will provide individual employees with the appropriate hearing protection. Employees have a legal obligation to wear the protection provided.

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